Reference projects

Baetsen Containers has been privileged to work for a large number of prominent clients. Below you will find several examples of projects that we completed.

Waste management for Vencocampus

While the construction project for the Vencocampus in Eersel was being completed, Baetsen Containers was hired to coordinate waste collection. A wide variety of waste types (BSA, wood, rubble, paper, foil insulation, etc.) were collected separately, using wheelie bins and skips (2.5 m3 to 10 m3).

To carry out this large-scale, complex project properly, we placed a full-time employee at this construction project to collect the waste. This relieved the contractor of responsibility in the area of waste management. In this way Baetsen Containers can provide a customised service right down to the fine print and anticipate clients' needs straight away.


Various services for a specialist recycling company in Brabant

Baetsen Containers provides a wide-ranging package of services to a major, specialist recycling company in South-East Brabant as part of a long-term project.

As a rule, Baetsen deploys two shunters for this client, with drivers who perform logistics services in the area of internal transport from 06:00 to 22:00 (in shifts) daily. In addition to Baetsen staff and lorries, Baetsen containers are also deployed as part of this project. This mainly involves wheelie bins and 45 m3 waste containers.

Baetsen also carries out a portion of the external transport for this client. We collect the various waste types from the recycling process and transport them to a variety of parties through the Netherlands. We also process a portion of the non-recyclable waste.